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 Active line array speaker is composed of a digital power amplifier and a sound box, With high efficiency energy output, Excellent sound quality, Perfect protection function and good EMC performance. The domestic general 220VAC supply voltage (made for input supply voltage), Using lifting combined linear array design,
Allow 0-14 degree angle adjustment range loudspeaker cover area, With the combination of compact, light, The project has the advantages of convenient and fast assembly.

* Plug and play, easy to use, clear indication, Can be operated without professional
*Special aluminum alloy pendant combination, Hanging method simple and fast, Easy audio engineering assembly
* Design of strong power, sound smooth and soft, natural clear, flexible, high reduction degree.
* Active sound box uses the digital power amplifier, have good sense of hearing, efficient, characteristics of stable and reliable work.
* Perfect protection function (Short circuit protection, over current protection, over temperature protection, under voltage protection) From the user's worries.
* Products wide range of applications, Versatile installation for conference room, multifunction Room, enterprise, school, troops, entertainment industry and other industries and occasions.

مشخصات فنی


توان خروجی
150W (AES) + 350W (AES)
حداکثر SPL
99dB + 99dB
6Ω + 8Ω
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